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PI Digit Pendants PI Digit Pendants use proprietary methods for magically squeezing the first 3,456 Digits of PI into a pendant area that is precisely a 15 millimeter square. That's a lot of digits of PI in less than 3/4 of an inch.

The PI digits are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye, but are clearly readable with a strong magnifier or jeweler's loupe. We recommend one with at least 20x strength to read the PI digits and provide such a Magnifier if you'd like one.

We offer PI Digit Pendants by themselves or as part of our beautiful PI Digit Leather Necklaces. See the photo gallery below. The PI digits are sharper than the close-ups show.

This is the most unique PI pendant you will find.
Actual PI Digit Pendant
  • This little pendant only
    has an inner area of
    15 millimeters...
    PI Digit Pendant Necklace
  • And looks like just a
    cool pattern to the
    naked eye...
    PI Digit Pendant Necklace
  • But it displays the first
    3,456 Digits of PI.
    PI Digit Pendant Necklace
PI Digit Pendants - PI Facts
PI Digit Pendants - PI Facts
1-Sir Isaac Newton, the father of calculus, calculated PI to at least 16 right of decimal digits. 16 digits of PI during the 1600's. Pretty impressive.
2-Archimedes determined that PI is between 22/7 and 223/71 by approximating the area of a circle as the area of a 96-sided polygon. Most likely such a polygon was inscribed within the cirlcle and one was circumscribed outside the circle in order to get these bounds.
3-Probably the easiest and most visual way to calculate digits of PI is to bound the area of a circle between the area of inscribed and circumscribed polygons. Then the trick is to increase the number of sides ad infinitum.
4-PI Day is 3/14 and is also Albert Einstein's birthday. In 2015, PI Day will be accurate to 4 digits of PI. 3/14/15. Even better if it starts at 9:26 and 53 seconds.
Necklace Size  (?)

Necklace Color
PI Digit Pendant Preview - Black
PI Digit Pendant Preview - Red
PI Digit Pendant Preview - Pink
PI Digit Pendant Preview - Pendant Only
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